The kitten and the little girl became friends because of similarity

It’s great to have best friends and that’s what this episode is all about.

Scarlett Tipton, now two years old, had to lose her left arm at 10 months old after doctors had to amputate it due to cancer. Doc, a rescue kitten, lost his paw after he slept under a car thinking it was warm.

So on Christmas Eve, the Tipton family from California went to the shelter. The two little ones found Mimi on Christmas Eve,

they went there when the Tipton family heard about the cat on TV. Doc is adopted on Wednesday and has been a part of the family ever since…

In the words of Mother Scarlett. they wanted the little kitten to grow up with little Scarlet because they look alike.

He noticed that Doc didn’t have a hand either and the kid was startled by such a coincidence. Placing a hand on the cat’s head, he gave his new friend a nod of approval.

He realized that the cat had fought for life in the same way as him.

To this day, they are happy that they found each other. The kitten will help that little girl like no one else can.