A baby monkey of a rare breed has been born

Preferring to live in tropical rocks and caves, these monkeys are medium-sized primates. Langurs are a rare species. They can only be found in warm countries.

When their langurs gave birth, the zoo decided to share the news with everyone. Miu-Mui and Chestnut were the proud parents

of a monkey named Lucky. He was very small. However, the zoo found that Miu-Mui did not enjoy caring for her cub.

They said it was normal for monkeys, but it could have a bad effect on Lucky’s health. Vets rushed to their aid, taking Lucky to the hospital for a bath.

They also fed him to make sure the monkey was full and getting the nutrients he needed as a baby.Lucky was gradually introduced to Miu-Mui by the veterinary staff so they could bond. He was also gradually introduced to Shaganak.

Many organizations started establishing these animal rescue centers.