A Long-awaited Meeting With His Beloved Dog

John had been away from his beloved dog, Buddy, for what seemed like an eternity.

He had missed Buddy’s wagging tail, warm snuggles, and slobbery kisses. John had been working abroad for a year and a half, and finally, the day had come for him to be reunited with his furry best friend.

As John stepped off the plane, he could barely contain his excitement. He had spent countless hours imagining the moment he would see Buddy again. John rushed to baggage claim, grabbed his luggage, and raced to the car rental kiosk. Finally, he made it to his car and headed to his parents’ house, where Buddy was staying.

As John pulled up to the driveway, he could hear Buddy barking. John’s heart raced with anticipation. He stepped out of the car, and Buddy came bounding over to him. John kneeled down, and Buddy licked his face, whining with excitement.

The two of them spent the entire day playing, running around the backyard, and cuddling on the couch. It was like no time had passed, and they were picking up right where they left off.

As John got ready to leave, Buddy sat by his feet, looking up at him with his big, brown eyes. John knew that Buddy would miss him, but he promised to come back and visit as soon as he could.

The meeting with Buddy was everything John had hoped it would be, and more. He realized that sometimes the things we love most are worth waiting for, no matter how long it takes.