A man rescued a squirrel and intended to set her free in the wild, but the squirrel declined and came back to him instead.

Once there was a man named Jack who loved spending time outdoors. One day while he was walking through the woods, he stumbled upon a small squirrel lying on the ground. The squirrel appeared to be injured, and Jack knew he had to help her.

He carefully picked up the squirrel and brought her back to his home. He tended to her wounds and made sure she had plenty of food and water. After a few days, the squirrel began to show signs of recovery. Jack knew that it was time to set her free in the wild, where she belonged.

He brought the squirrel back to the woods and released her. However, to his surprise, the squirrel did not run off into the trees. Instead, she stayed right beside him. Jack tried again and again to get the squirrel to leave, but she refused.

Days turned into weeks, and the squirrel continued to stay close to Jack. She would follow him around as he worked in his garden or took walks through the woods. Jack became quite fond of the squirrel and enjoyed her company, but he knew that she needed to be in the wild.

One day, Jack decided to take the squirrel for a walk deep into the woods. He showed her a beautiful tree and pointed out all of the other animals that lived in the forest. He explained to the squirrel that this was where she belonged and that she needed to be with her own kind.

To Jack’s surprise, the squirrel seemed to understand. She scampered up the tree and looked back at Jack before disappearing into the branches. Jack watched her go with mixed emotions. He was happy to see her in her natural habitat, but he was also sad to see her go.

Days turned into weeks, and Jack went about his business, always keeping an eye out for the little squirrel. One day, as he was walking through the woods, he felt something land on his shoulder. To his surprise, it was the squirrel! She had returned to him.

From that day on, the squirrel remained with Jack. She would go off into the woods for a few hours each day, but she always came back to him. Jack knew that he could never force the squirrel to leave him, and he was happy to have her as a companion. Together, they enjoyed the beauty of the woods and the peacefulness of each other’s company.