A puppy that was “thrown out” due to its differences yearned for someone to cherish him just the way he is.

In a small town on the outskirts of the city, there lived a puppy that was different from all the other puppies in the litter. He had a crooked tail and a patch of fur that was a different color from the rest. The other puppies didn’t seem to mind, but the owner of the litter did.

One day, the owner came to the litter and took one look at the crooked-tailed puppy and decided he didn’t want him anymore. “He’s not perfect,” the owner muttered, “he’ll never sell. I’ll just throw him out.”

The crooked-tailed puppy watched in horror as the owner walked away, leaving him alone and scared. He didn’t know how to survive on his own, and he didn’t know how he would ever find someone to love him just the way he was.

But fate had other plans for the little puppy. As he wandered through the town, he met a kind woman who saw him for who he was, not for what he looked like. She took the puppy in, gave him a warm bed, and plenty of food to eat.

At first, the puppy was timid and afraid. He didn’t know how to act around someone who cared for him. But as time went on, he began to open up. He wagged his crooked tail with delight, and his patch of fur became a badge of honor.

The woman loved the little puppy, and the puppy loved her back. He played fetch with her, cuddled with her, and watched TV with her. He learned that he didn’t need to be perfect to be loved. He just needed to be himself.

One day, the woman took the puppy to a pet store. She wanted to get him a new toy, and as they walked down the aisles, the puppy’s crooked tail wagged in excitement. But when they got to the register, the cashier looked at the puppy and sneered. “That’s not a purebred,” she said, “nobody wants a dog like that.”

The woman looked at the cashier and then back at the puppy. She knew that he was perfect just the way he was. “I want him,” she said firmly, and the puppy’s tail began to wag in joy.

The puppy had found someone who cherished him just the way he was. He didn’t need to be perfect, and he didn’t need to be a purebred. All he needed was someone to love him, and he had found that in the kind woman who had taken him in.


As the years went on, the puppy grew into a loyal and loving dog. He never forgot the woman who had saved him from a life of loneliness and fear. He remained by her side until the end of his days, grateful for the love she had given him and the acceptance she had shown him.