A shelter dog, a Pit Bull, who is both shy and unwell, is selected by a two-year-old girl in search of affection.

Once a happy and playful Pit Bull, Apollo now spent most of his days cowering in the back corner of his shelter kennel. His once shiny coat was now dull and patchy, and he constantly coughed and sneezed, the result of an upper respiratory infection.

Despite his illness and shy demeanor, Apollo had a heart of gold, and he longed for nothing more than a loving home. But day after day, potential adopters would pass him by, choosing instead the younger and more energetic dogs.

One day, a two-year-old girl named Lily visited the shelter with her parents. She ran excitedly from kennel to kennel, pausing to pet each dog and giggle with delight. When she reached Apollo’s kennel, she stopped in her tracks. The shy Pit Bull looked up at her with big brown eyes, and she felt an instant connection.

“Mommy, I want this dog,” Lily said, tugging on her mother’s sleeve.

Lily’s mother hesitated. Apollo was unwell and might require costly medical treatment. And Pit Bulls had a bad reputation – many people believed they were aggressive and dangerous.

But Lily was insistent. “Please, Mommy, I want this dog. He needs me,” she said, her little hand reaching through the bars to stroke Apollo’s head.

Her parents relented, and Apollo was soon on his way to his new home. At first, he was nervous and unsure, but Lily was patient and gentle. She spent hours sitting with him, reading him stories and singing him songs. She even brought him little treats and toys to play with.

As the days went by, Apollo’s health began to improve. He stopped coughing and sneezing, and his coat grew shinier and softer. And as he grew stronger, so did his bond with Lily. He followed her everywhere she went, wagging his tail and nuzzling her hand for affection.

In time, the little girl and her Pit Bull became the best of friends. Lily’s parents watched in amazement as their shy and unwell shelter dog transformed into a happy and energetic companion.

And as for Apollo, he knew that he had found his forever home. With Lily by his side, he was finally able to leave his fears and troubles behind, and bask in the love and affection he had always dreamed of.