After 3 days of searching, the African cat was finally found

The African cat was found by a police officer after being outside for 3 days.
Lisa and Dee are the owners of a beautiful and charming cat. They also had a dog named Hank and they thought their cat was afraid of Hank.The cat was named White.

Lisa had left the door open because the dog didn’t want to come in. The cat escaped from the door Lisa left open. The owners tried to find the cat, but the attempts were in vain. Their last hope was to call the Merrimack Police Department.

According to the testimonies of the neighbors, they had noticed the African cat nearby. The couple decided to catch the cat using a trap.

Fortunately, the policeman found the four-year-old cat. The cat was returned to its family unharmed and unharmed.

The cat is now at home in his free environment and his favorite pastime is running around the house.

The family always remembers all the people who helped find their cat.