After getting a new puppy, two dogs have become the closest of sleeping companions.

Sasha and Bruno were two dogs who lived in the same house. They had always been friendly with each other, but they never really had anything in common. Sasha was a senior dog who loved to spend most of her day napping, while Bruno was a young, energetic pup who loved to play and run around.

One day, Sasha’s owner brought home a new puppy. The puppy was small and adorable, with big brown eyes and floppy ears. Bruno was thrilled to have a new friend to play with, but Sasha was not impressed. She thought the puppy was too noisy and disruptive, and would often retreat to her bed for some peace and quiet.

However, as time went on, the puppy began to grow on Sasha. She realized that he was not so bad after all, and even began to enjoy playing with him occasionally. One night, as Sasha was getting ready to go to bed, she found that the puppy had snuggled up next to her.

At first, Sasha was surprised and a little uncomfortable. But as she felt the warmth of the puppy’s body next to hers, she began to relax. It was the most comfortable and peaceful sleep she had had in a long time.

The next night, Sasha found the puppy snuggled up next to her again. This time, she didn’t mind as much. She even started to enjoy the puppy’s company and began to look forward to their nightly snuggles.

Bruno, who had always been Sasha’s friend, noticed the change in Sasha’s behavior. He was a little jealous at first, but then he realized that the puppy was making Sasha happy. So he decided to join in on the snuggle sessions as well.

From that day forward, the three dogs became the closest of sleeping companions. They would curl up next to each other every night, with Sasha in the middle, and sleep soundly until morning. Sasha had found a new sense of comfort and companionship in her young friend, and Bruno had found a new way to bond with his old friend. And the puppy, well, he had found a warm and loving family to call his own.