Boxer’s Reaction to Santa at Residential Delights Web

On TikTok, a video showing a dog that seems to be afraid of a guy dressed as Santa Claus has amassed 1.7 million views.

My dad dressed up as Santa at a nearby school and then went to pick up my puppy, read a message overlay on the video provided by TikTok user bedslp (@user7053758665609).

A boxer-breed dog was seen in the video peering down from the top of some stairs before gently backing away as the camera got closer. The dog stood behind a coffee table in the main room after pausing to glance back at the camera and jumping over a couch.

Later, as a voice in the video appeared to call its name and say: “It’s me, hi, it’s me,” the boxer moved gently toward the camera.“Safe to say she’s not a guard dog. #boxersoftiktok #boxerdog ##Christmas,” the post’s caption read.

Some users found the TikTok video’s dog’s response to Santa to be hilarious.Jen Hiltibidal wrote in a comment with 22,600 likes, “She didn’t even bark [crying, laughing emojis].”

Amberly wrote: “That’s such a polite dog, not a single bark lmao [laughing my a** off],” and the original poster replied: “She’s the sweetest.”

User savannahbennett wrote: “She really said stranger danger,” to which the original poster replied: “She really did [crying, laughing emoji].”

Beth Meholick Lanzon wrote: “Hope that’s not your guard dog… [crying, laughing emoji],” to which the original poster replied: “She has definitely been demoted [crying, laughing emoji].”