Final Plea For Bonded Pair of Dogs to Be Adopted Together Reaches Far and Wide

“Well, guys, this is our last plea and final attempt. Unless there is a miracle, Han and Solo are going to have to be separated.”

That’s how Dogs Without Borders opened their post in hopes of finding two special dogs a forever home together.The Los Angeles dog rescue broke the heartbreaking news on their Facebook page on February 13, 2019. The two dogs, named

Han and Solo, had a dramatic rescue story, which the rescue shared:“Last November we opened our doors to a pair of deeply bonded dogs: Han & Solo. They are brothers who were discovered as tiny puppies, lying next to the broken body

of their mother who had been stabbed to death, her womb cut in half. She was likely killed just for sport.”The dogs would likely have perished had they not been found by a Good Samaritan.“The Good Samaritan who found them and who lives

in a country where dogs are not safe, sent them here to Los Angeles to try to find a home where they would never be hurt again. She told us they had deeply bonded to each other. She was right.”“We have never seen a more deeply bonded pair

of dogs. Perhaps it is because of their very traumatic early experience, we don’t know, but they have been inseparable. When one moves, the other moves. They are almost always in physical contact with one another. They are friendly,

loving, house-trained young dogs. About 8 months old, 40 pounds.”The rescue tried many avenues to find them a home, but with two dogs it is difficult to find a foster let alone a permanent home.“For three months we have tried to find them

a home together, and have had no luck. We haven’t even been able to find them a stable foster home together. They have had to bounce from home to home. Then…several weeks ago, Solo was diagnosed with a temporary contagious virus

which means they can’t be placed in a home with another dog right now until that is healed which could take another few weeks. (Han already had it so they didn’t have to be separated.)The complications continued when potential applicants

couldn’t have a dog themselves.That has made finding them even a foster home basically impossible. You have to find someone who loves dogs enough that they are willing to take in two bigger dogs but don’t already have one of their own.

It’s like finding a unicorn.Out of options, the rescue put one final plea.So we are devastated, but we are simply out of options. We are going to have to adopt Han and Solo out separately unless a miracle happens. Like fast. We are

heartbroken. But we don’t know what else we can do.So this is the final plea for a home where Han & Solo can remain together.Their post quickly spread and soon was shared over 20,000 times. Could their miracle be in one of the several

applications they received?Just three days later, the rescue was excited to announce the news – Han and Solo have a home. They wrote:“2/13 update: Well, you guys made it happen. We put up a plea for a miracle and you handed us one.

We had zero expectation that our post would land on the right ears, but we knew we owed it to these two to try one final plea. And then, wow! We have never ever had this kind of response to a post.”“Because of your sharing, this post hit over

one million people. And we had not just one, but several amazing adoption applications for Han and Solo.”We did finally settle on one—a wonderful family in the Los Angeles area with a history of owning larger, bonded dogs with a secure yard

for playing. The adoption was JUST finalized, but we could not wait to tell you.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for hearing our plea and finding Han & Solo a wonderful forever home where they can live out their lives safe, happy, loved…and together.”