Golden-toothed horses

Meet the Black Forest horses, a stunning and endangered breed in Germany. Black Forest horses have a striking golden head that goes well with their brown hair.

Horses of this breed have been recorded in the great historical archives, they have been bred over the centuries and relatively numerous in the south-west of Germany.

But, unfortunately, nowadays they are on the verge of extinction again.
In 2017 alone, about 80 steeds and 1000 horses were recorded in the archive.

However, due to their proper breeding, we expect an increase in their number in the near future.
Many people gave up their personal lives and dedicated themselves to this breed of horses, their goal is to save them from extinction.

They are not as strong as our common horses, but they are more free-loving than other breeds.
They have great strength in their bodies, but this does not prevent them from being calm and patient.

On average, their growth is measured from 14.3 to 16 hands.
Black Forest horses are the perfect option for those entering the world of riding for the first time.

Their kind nature and attitude helps beginners in this business. Mostly people take help of these horses for riding and driving carriages.