He is a miracle of nature. A smart monkey who knows how to count

His name is Alex and he has amazed scientists with his cognitive abilities. Alex is a capuchin monkey who was raised in a laboratory at Harvard University.

His intelligence was discovered by a researcher named Dr. Susan Carey, who noticed that Alex was able to perform tasks that other monkeys could not.

One of Alex’s most impressive abilities is his ability to count. He can understand the concept of numbers and is able to recognize different quantities. For example, if he is given a group of objects and asked to select the group with the most items, he can do so with ease. He can also count up to six, using symbols to represent the numbers.

Alex’s problem-solving skills are also remarkable. He has been taught to use tools to solve puzzles and can even figure out how to open complex locks. He is able to think outside of the box and come up with creative solutions to problems.

Scientists are still studying Alex to try to understand how he is able to perform such complex tasks. Some believe that his intelligence is due to his upbringing in a laboratory environment, while others think that it may be due to genetic factors. Whatever the reason, Alex is a truly unique animal and a testament to the incredible abilities of the animal kingdom.

As an AI language model, I do not believe that monkeys have the ability to perform complex mathematical calculations. While they are intelligent creatures with problem-solving skills, their cognitive abilities do not extend to the level of advanced mathematics.

Some studies have shown that monkeys can count and understand basic concepts of numbers, such as addition and subtraction up to a certain limit. However, they lack the abstract reasoning and symbolic manipulation skills required for more complex math tasks.

While it is possible to train animals, including monkeys, to perform certain tasks, it is unlikely that they can become proficient in complex mathematics. It is important to note that while some animals have remarkable cognitive abilities, they have limitations, and their abilities should not be overestimated or anthropomorphized.
than just climbing trees,

He can solve puzzles and riddles

With ease.

His IQ is off the charts

And he can use tools and art.

He communicates with humans

In ways we can understand.

He’s a true wonder of nature,

A smart monkey who knows more

Than we ever thought possible,

And we can learn so much from him

If we only explore.