“I’m keeping her warm. She has touched my heart deeply. I hope she survives and pulls through.”

The snow was coming down hard, and the bitter cold wind was biting through their clothes. Despite the harsh weather, John was determined to keep the little puppy he had found warm and safe.

He had stumbled upon the puppy while out for a walk in the woods. She was alone and shivering, her tiny body barely visible in the snow. John knew he couldn’t just leave her there, so he scooped her up and held her close to his chest.

As he made his way back home, John could feel the puppy’s body heat slowly fading away. He knew he needed to act fast. When he arrived at his house, he placed the puppy on a soft blanket in front of the fireplace and wrapped her in another blanket to keep her warm.

He watched as the puppy’s breathing became shallow and labored, and he knew that he needed to do something more. He called his friend, who was a veterinarian, and explained the situation.

The veterinarian told him to bring the puppy to the clinic immediately. John bundled the puppy up in a warm jacket and rushed her to the clinic. The vet examined the puppy and found that she was suffering from hypothermia and dehydration.

The vet worked tirelessly to save the puppy’s life, and John sat by her side, holding her paw and talking to her softly. He was determined to keep her warm and comfortable, even if it meant sitting in the clinic all night.

As the hours ticked by, the puppy’s condition slowly began to improve. She started breathing more easily, and her body temperature began to rise. John’s heart swelled with hope as he watched her progress.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the veterinarian declared that the puppy was out of danger. She was going to survive, and John’s heart overflowed with joy.

John took the puppy home and named her Snowball, in honor of the snowy night they had met. He made a promise to himself to always keep her warm and safe, and to never let her suffer again.

Over time, Snowball grew stronger and healthier. She played and ran and wagged her tail, and John watched her with pride and happiness. He had saved her life, and she had touched his heart deeply.

Years later, John still remembered that snowy night and the little puppy that he had rescued. Snowball had become a cherished member of his family, and John knew that his life had been forever changed by the experience.