Kitten rescued from the clutches of death

It is known that dismissals in Siberia are brutal. This means that it is mean to leave any animal outside. But this case is unusual because someone left their child outside.

The two-year-old cub’s mother had abandoned her son, ruthlessly forgetting all maternal instincts. he even ignored the rain that the baby was getting wet under. The child was in danger of death. But this little puppy miraculously survived. The dogs of his own breed set out to save him. They warmed him with their caresses and their body heat.

The dog was just trying to help the dog, but its behavior shows that it does not want to be honored for that act. There were adopters for the puppy, but the dog didn’t adapt and now he lives with the breeders who rescued him.

This story proves that humans and animals are alike. Like humans, animals are good and bad. Good parents will never leave their child outside. Both dogs and people are good parents and bad parents. We saw 2 examples in this story. One of the parents had left the cub outside, and the other was not present, and the mother adopted and kept the cub.