Look how a man rescued a starving dog alone on a remote island and brought him home

Wesley White was kayaking off the coast of Belize when he spotted an animal near a fisherman’s hut on the island, pintiks reports. His surprise was enormous when he realized that it was a hungry puppy.

The dog had lost so much weight that the bones were visible to the naked eye, but despite this he was a very friendly dog. He sought help, but in vain. It was a mystery to Wesley how the dog

ended up on the desert island, but he wanted to save the puppy.But Wesley faced a big problem. He only had 36 hours before he left Belize.

He wondered if he would be able to save the dog, if he would be able to provide the necessary medical care.He decided to take the dog back to

the hotel with him, when he got back to the hotel, people started helping too by buying dog food and the bartender called his friends to find a vet.

Wesley brought the puppy, whom he named Winston, to the mainland to be seen at the vet, but he was only able to stay for a very short time.
Wesley and Winston’s reunion came after a long

time had passed. Wesley had to wait because he was going to march from Montana to Dallas in mid-January. And Wesley wondered if Winston would recognize him.

At first, he just sniffed Wesley, who rescued him, and when he recognized him, he started playing with him. Wesley adopted the puppy and took him home to the other dogs.

Wesley says that he didn’t find the dog, they found each other because they needed each other.