Look how the owls make a neighbor with the man (VIDEO)

The Eurasian eagle, the largest owl in Europe, has become one of Jos Baart’s new neighbors.

At first he heard a noise from outside the window and thought it was the pigeons, but they were bigger and after looking more closely he realized that they were indeed

birds but not pigeons. They all started watching TV with him. Baart lives in an apartment on the third floor of the building. He always considered pigeons as his closest neighbors.

He didn’t like that the noise caused the birds to build nests near the windows. Jos Baart thought a new family of pigeons had moved in after hearing loud noises outside his window.

When he finally decided he had to see what was going on there, he went to check if there was a new nest, he noticed that his new neighbors were actually a family of owls that had moved to live in his window box instead of pigeons.

One of the most distinctive breeds in the world is the owl. Baart watched the owls rapidly mature, and one day he saw them staring back at him through the window.
The peculiar birds grew larger and lined up along the windowsill when Baart turned on the television.

The owner of the apartment did not seem to mind watching every program that captivated the owls. The interest of the owls was evident in the colorful images on the TV.

Baart, in turn, enjoyed watching the owls and began to spend a lot of time with them.
Since Eurasian eagle owls are rarely seen in populated areas, Baart felt extremely fortunate to be given this special opportunity.

Before they were ready to fly on their own, Baart allowed the owls to stay in the nest for about five months.

Only time will tell if the cute animals will return to watch their favorite shows with their friends or leave forever.