Man helps the turtle

Miguel Angel Escobar decided to spend his time on a boat with his family. Everything was fine until they noticed a turtle that was trapped and helpless.

As Miguel told The Dodo, he thought it was too late and the turtle was dead. Clearly, the turtle felt that its life was coming to an end. However, Miguel approached to make sure.
Even when he approached, the turtle did not move. Only when Miguel touched it did the turtle show signs of life.

After that, this kind-hearted person started helping the trapped animal. After a lot of work and effort, he managed to free the turtle. An animal that has even lost hope of life now has a new chance. And that’s only thanks to this big-hearted man.

After being released, the turtle did not stay on the shore for long. He couldn’t wait and quickly got into the water and started swimming.

Miguel is very happy and proud that he gave the unfortunate turtle a new chance at life by saving him from the trap.