Monkey Saves Tiny Puppy From Danger Dogs

In Erode, India, locals and tourists witnessed an unusual friendship between a macaque monkey and a stray puppy.

The duo has become the talk of the town, not just because of how different they are,

but because of how close their bond is, as if they were really parent and child.

Locals believe that the monkey adopted and protects the little puppy. They always wander the streets together and you hardly notice them separately in the streets of Erode, and the monkey always hugs the cub while wandering.

They can also be seen playing together, and when stray dogs decide to attack the puppy, the monkey immediately comes to the aid of its friend.

The locals, seeing something like this for the first time, are impressed by this incredible friendship and often leave food for the couple.

When this happens, the monkey doesn’t even start eating until the cub has finished, which is incredible behavior for a wild animal.

Local news reports say animal advocates took the puppy into their care, but the story of how

the monkey took care of the stray puppy as if it were his own family will never be forgotten by the Erodesi people.