People in cages (VIDEO)

Many people today are against zoos. Others simply do not want to accept that wild animals have a place in the wild. An ideal solution has been found for all this.

China’s Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo has prepared cages for visitors. So here the animals roam free and the people who want to see them are caged.

That is, if you like to feel close to real wildlife, then this is the best solution. According to The Daily Mail, the unique zoo acknowledges that humans have encroached on the animals’ natural habitat, so they should visit them, but in a safe, secure vehicle.

The zoo also provides special vehicles with which you can get as close as possible to the lion without any danger. Tourists also have the opportunity to feed the animals. But only under the guidance of the zoo staff and with special food.

There are still some critics who say that feeding the felines by visitors is not best idea. According to zoo spokesman Chan Llang, visitors are aware of the dangers and have been warned “to keep their fingers and hands

inside the cage at all times because a hungry tiger will not know the difference between them and breakfast.”The place opened its doors back in 2015. Despite the danger, it seems that people prefer to visit wild animals in their natural habitat.