Pregnant dog rescued from the freezing cold right before giving birth on Christmas

It was a Christmas miracle this year for one mama dog, who was rescued from harsh, freezing weather just in time to give birth to a litter of healthy puppies.

On December 22, Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) seized a dog, who they named Mama Manolo, from a property where she was being improperly tied-up outside in freezing conditions.

In a Facebook live video, a staff member explained that the dog was left in a wooden dog house that was filled with water while temperatures were freezing cold. In Virginia, it is illegal to keep a dog outside in severe weather, including temperatures less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Making the situation even more precarious, Manolo was “extremely pregnant” and “ready to pop.”

If she hadn’t been rescued in time, Mama Manolo would’ve likely had to give birth to her litter outside in the freezing, wet dog house, and the pups might not have survived.

But thankfully, the RACC rescued her just in time, and arranged a safe space at the emergency vet clinic at Virginia Veterinary Centers for her to give birth. “When we take dogs from the freezing cold who are so pregnant they are ready to pop, this is what we do!” they wrote on Facebook.

It turned out to be a Christmas miracle: Mama Manolo went into labor late Christmas Eve, and by Christmas morning had given birth to 7 girls and 2 boys, all perfectly healthy.

According to an update on January 5, Mama Manolo and all 9 of her pups are continuing to do well, and are resting in a “cushy foster home” — quite a far cry from that freezing, wet dog house.

What a miracle — we’re so glad Mama Manolo was rescued just in time, and was able to give birth to her precious pups in a safe, warm place ❤️

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