Resourceful Patrol K9 Officer Chico

Chico is a German Shepherd. The dog is only 5 and a half years old. Despite his age, he has managed to become famous as a drug sniffing dog.

Chico spent 4 and a half years of his life with the OCSO and of course worked as a patrol dog. She lives with the sheriff and his family.Chico has a habit of messing up his hair during work. After work, the smart dog straightens his hair and comes home tidy.

One day when the bureau had a shooting day, the young dog decided not to miss the opportunity. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he decided to take a picture. He didn’t want an ordinary picture, but an

official one. Seeing the work clothes of one of the officers, he quickly oriented himself. He put on that uniform and took a nice pose to get a successful picture.
You can see the result in the material.