Sarge, a German Shepherd who is 9 years old, became a surrogate and nurturing mother to several fawns who were without parents.

Sarge, a loyal and kind-hearted German Shepherd, has become an unlikely surrogate mother to a group of helpless fawns who were left without parents. At the age of 9, Sarge has proved that her nurturing instincts know no bounds.

It all started when Sarge’s owner, Mark, found a group of young fawns wandering around his property with no sign of their mother. Concerned for their well-being, he took them in and began to care for them. But as he soon found out, taking care of young fawns is no easy task.

That’s where Sarge stepped in. Despite never having been a mother herself, Sarge took to the role of surrogate mother with ease. She would lay down with the fawns, licking and grooming them as if they were her own pups. She would even carry them around in her mouth, just like a real mother would.

Mark was amazed by Sarge’s maternal instincts, which seemed to come naturally to her. He was also relieved to have a helping hand in caring for the fawns, which required around-the-clock attention.

Thanks to Sarge’s love and care, the fawns have thrived and grown strong. They are now ready to be released back into the wild, where they will join other deer and continue to live a happy and healthy life.

Sarge’s selflessness and compassion have shown that even animals can display acts of kindness and love. She has not only helped these fawns survive, but she has also touched the hearts of everyone who hears her story. Sarge may be a dog, but her actions prove that she is much more than that – she is a true hero.