Science Shows That Dogs Can Indeed Sense Untrustworthy People

We all know dogs are amazing animals with great attributes that we are so lucky to have in our lives. Their unconditional love and loyalty really set them apart, and their behavioral patterns even mimic those of a human at times. Now, science is confirming what we believed all along — that our dogs can recognize untrustworthy people.

The video below states 4 reasons why you should trust your dog and goes into detail on how they pick up on this stuff in people in your home. Those reasons are:

#1 – Science proves that dogs know when someone is rude to you
#2 – Science proves dogs know when someone is deceitful
#3 – Science proves dogs can understand hand gestures and body language
#4 – Science proves dogs can read facial expressions

What do you think? We may have known this all along, but isn’t it great to finally have the confirmation? Gotta love dogs! 🙂