Sick Dog Too Weak To Play With Other Dogs Adopted By A Donkey🐕

A one-year-old Anatolian shepherd called Kolima was born with a spinal condition called wobbler syndrome, which makes it painful to stand for her and a shaky gait! It is known that dogs like playing and running around, but it was a hard mission for the pup!

Felice Caputo, Kolima’s owner, knew that she needed a companion to help her, that’s when Paolo, his 6-year-old donkey, noticed that and decided to be Kolima’s friend!

The stubborn and mischievous donkey saw how Kolima struggled, so, he decided to take care of her! Actually, Kolima is able to play when she is with Paolo!

Caputo shared on Facebook that the truth is that Paolo adopted Kolima, not me! How adorable! Watch the video below.

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