The baby is seeking help for her sick sister and encourages them to follow her lead while resting her face on hers.

Once upon a time, there were two sisters, Lily and Rose. They lived in a small village nestled in the mountains, where the air was fresh and the trees were lush. Lily was the older sister, and Rose was just a baby. They were very close, and Lily loved taking care of her little sister.

One day, Rose fell ill. She was feverish and weak, and she wouldn’t stop crying. Lily was very worried and didn’t know what to do. She decided to take Rose to the village doctor, but the doctor was not available. Lily was feeling helpless and started crying.

Just then, Rose looked up at Lily with her big, beautiful eyes, and Lily noticed something different about her. Rose was smiling, and her eyes seemed to be sparkling with a new-found energy.

Lily was amazed and couldn’t believe what was happening. Rose was actually trying to tell her something. She started to listen closely and realized that Rose was pointing to a nearby stream.

Lily understood that Rose was trying to lead her to the water, and she followed her little sister’s lead. They walked to the stream, and Lily noticed that the water was cool and crystal clear. She cupped some water in her hands and gently splashed it on Rose’s face.

Rose giggled and splashed back, and soon they were both laughing and having fun. After a while, Rose started to feel better, and her fever went down. Lily knew that the cool water had helped her sister, and she felt grateful for Rose’s guidance.

From that day on, Lily knew that she could always count on Rose to help her when she needed it. And even though Rose was just a baby, she had shown Lily that sometimes, the smallest and simplest things could make all the difference.