The cat feels like a husky

The friendship of a dog and a cat is the most incredible, but at the same time pleasant phenomenon. We have been convinced many times that dogs and cats can be inseparable friends.

Dogs don’t like to imitate cats, but many cats like to imitate dogs because it makes them feel stronger. To make sure, you can read this article, which is exactly about that.

A small and defenseless kitten named Kozi was spotted on the street one day. Of course, the owner of the 3 huskies could not pass by him indifferently and took

the kitten in his arms to his house and began to take care of it.
Now Kozi has grown up and has become a real cat, who thinks that he is a big and brave dog like his “brothers”.

He really feels like a member of the dog family.
But it does not surprise anyone, because everyone knows that they grew up together.

Cozi often acts like a boss, making him feel bigger than he really is. This cat probably cannot imagine his life without his big brothers.

He loves to play with them, show off his flexible body tricks and just enjoy their company.
Kozy is in safe hands,

and perhaps the security he feels thanks to his canine brothers makes the cat feel much more confident than he actually can.