The dog was saved thanks to the attention of a passerby

The owner of a garage in Huddersfield was checking his security footage when an injured and emaciated dog caught his eye.
The dog was dragging its leg with

difficulty, it could be seen with the naked eye that it was broken. The other three legs were tightly bound with black football socks. The man took quick measures and decided to inform the RSPCA about the limping dog, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

When the volunteers saw the dog, they realized that his condition was much worse than they thought. All the dog’s bones were sticking out. They realized that the dog had been hungry for a long time.

The people who were his owners in the past tied the socks to hide the dog’s wounds, which were caused by their neglect.

The dog, named Suzy, had to be sedated so that it wouldn’t hurt too much when removing the socks. A vet at Greater Manchester Animal Hospital Salford treated Susie’s wounds. Unfortunately, Susie’s broken leg was in the wrong position and required amputation.

Suzy was without a microchip, and there is still no information about her previous owners. For now, her caregivers are focusing on her emaciated condition․

They hope she will gain weight in the coming weeks. Due to infectious sarcoptic mange, he was isolated until he recovered.
In conclusion following up now he is one of the center’s favorite dogs.