The man did a heroic deed to save the kitten

Today, people do their best to live with wildlife, but sometimes the roads and structures we build prevent animals from getting where they want to be.

There are many cases when these animals need human help. This case is no exception. those on the road noticed that a man was helping a piglet to climb over the guard rail of the highway. This case study happened this week in Alaska.

According to Andrea Bock, the mother moose was trying to get her cub across the highway, but the defense layer was too high for them to overcome. The mother crossed the

highway, but the calf remained stuck, pacing back and forth nervously and fearfully as cars passed by without noticing her.
But then Andrea noticed a man who got out of his car and cautiously began to help.

Fortunately, the man managed to get help and he picked up the piglet from the rail and handed it to his mother.”It was the best way out,” he said. “And it could have ended badly, and I understood and realized that.

But I chose the best, and it was worth the risk I took.” KTUU reports that what Tate did is technically illegal, as it is a misdemeanor to interact with wildlife in Alaska.But Alaska Wildlife Troopers said they would not press charges in such a “good outlaw” case.