The mother deer found the baby born 48 hours ago (VIDEO)

It’s always nice to see two different animals company. The young kitten and fawn met each other for the first time and seeing the kitten’s reaction was priceless.

A young cat named Miro was surprised to see the baby deer on his balcony and couldn’t contain his excitement.

Unlike the cat, the baby deer stared blankly as if he didn’t even notice Miro. The cat decided to get the deer’s attention.

Miro just loved the deer, so he gave the deer a loving lick. We believe she will do anything to get some attention. However,

the deer had not been born for 48 hours, so it was unable to walk and respond to Miro due to its youth and natural defense mechanisms.

Shortly after this video was taken, the deer’s mother returned and she was happily reunited with her mother.