The photo that blew up the internet

Recently, a wonderful photo took the internet by storm. This viral photo shows a cute baby owl that looks like it’s running late for the most important event of its life. That wonderful shot was captured by the Dutch photographer Hanni Heer.

Although photography has been a big part of most of her life, the 63-year-old Dordrecht-based photographer has been taking the job seriously for the past few years. But apparently it was enough to paint a successful scene in a lifetime.

A few months ago, Hannri went out of the city, where he organized a big shooting, in order to fix the shot where the owl jumps. The sweet baby still had fluffy white feathers, meaning it was not yet able to fly. As it turned out, puppies are strong enough already at 7-8 weeks of age.
However, before then, the legs are not strong enough to allow them

to fly around their nest. That is what happened in this situation. Apparently, the little owl ran off and a talented photographer captured the moment.
The result? The adorable photo that made everyone on Facebook fall in love with the cute baby owl.

The photographer never expected that his photo would be in the popular media. Instead, this photo caused a great stir on the Internet. “I was very, very surprised,” the woman said.