The photographer saved the dying teddy bear (VIDEO)

One of the evenings, while walking along a scenic trail in Oregon, photographer Corey Hancock spotted a three-month-old bear cub.
The little bear was in a terrible

condition.It could be seen with the naked eye. Hancock thought that the bear was dying. The cub was barely moving. Hancock approached him and it was clear from the first glance that his mother had abandoned him.

Hancock could not leave the bear there. Realizing that he might die he was so sad. So he decided to save him, and Hannecock carried the cub with him for more than two miles, wondering whether the bear would live or die.

At one point she even gave him CPR and the bear cub gasped. He was clearly struggling to live as if he didn’t want to leave this life.

He took the little bear to the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center near Salem, Oregon, where he is currently recovering from dehydration as well as starvation, but he is now doing much better.

There are many animal experts out there who would not agree to save the little bear. They didn’t even think that they should touch the bear.

According to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations, the little bear’s rescuer could have been fined $6,000 or even spent up to a year in jail.

However, Oregon State Police said Hancock will not be punished at all for rescuing the cub.Photographer Corey Hancock posted this story on his Facebook page.