The puppy was saying goodbye to his horse friends

Throughout the 2014 Tremendous Bowl, Budweiser released one of its most memorable commercials.It was called Pet Love and featured a yellow Labrador retriever.

One of many labs escapes from the kennel and runs to a nearby horse barn while people are distracted by the cubs. Arriving at the

barn, the pet pushes and opens the doors.
Then rushes to the stable where the big horse is being prepared.

The puppy very carefully extends its paw towards the horse, and the horse, sensing the fear of the dog, simply lowers its head

towards the dog and seems to kiss the little nose. After that incident, the cub kept running away to look for his best friend, the horse.

Until the day he was finally adopted. When the dog gets into the car after saying goodbye and drives off, everyone gets excited. The dog was looking out the window with glassy eyes, and the herd of horses was running behind the car.