The School Children Wanted To Feed The Stray Dog

The school children had just finished their lunch and were walking back to their classroom when they saw a skinny, brown dog wandering around the playground.

The dog looked sad and hungry, and the children felt sorry for him.

“Can we give him some of our food?” one of the children asked the teacher.

The teacher hesitated for a moment, unsure if it was safe to approach the stray dog. But when she saw the pleading looks on the children’s faces, she agreed.

“Okay, but be very careful. Don’t get too close to him,” she cautioned.

The children eagerly opened their lunchboxes and pulled out sandwiches, fruit, and cookies.

They approached the dog slowly, holding out their food to him. The dog sniffed at the offerings warily, but soon his hunger got the better of him, and he started gobbling up the food.

The children were delighted to see the dog eat, and they giggled as he licked his chops and wagged his tail. Some of them even petted him gently, and the dog seemed to enjoy the attention.

After a while, the dog had eaten his fill and was starting to look sleepy.

The children reluctantly said goodbye and went back to their classroom, feeling happy that they had helped the stray dog.

From that day on, whenever the children saw the dog in the playground, they made sure to save some of their lunch for him. They even gave him a name – Brownie – and felt like he was a part of their school family.