The story of a bear who has been in a rusty cage for thirty years (VIDEO)

In winter, people like to snuggle up warm and cozy and sleep like a bear. In the wild, bears have an inherent peculiarity:

they sleep for about 8 months. Even for humans, the situation when they lose sleep is terrible, but let’s imagine what we would be like if we were deprived of a good night’s sleep for 30 years.

If Fifi the bear had the ability to talk, he would tell everyone about the terrible effects of sleep deprivation. Fifi was purchased by a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania when she was just a kitten. Forced to perform stunts in shows for the first 10 years of her life, Fifi suffered when the

zoo closed because she was left in a small cage for over 20 years, which was even rusty.Fiji’s neglected and torturous existence ended in July 2015 thanks to PETA and The Wild Animal Sanctuary. Imprisoned in that tiny cage for over 20 years, deprived of her natural need to hibernate, they found Fifi

in very poor condition with untreated arthritis. His condition was so bad that they had doubts whether he would be able to resist and restore his former, healthy state.

Below is a video where you can witness Fifi’s improvement…after five months you will see what kind and loving care can do. See what miracles a good and healthy sleep can create…