The touching reunion of dog and family

Pets have long been part of many people’s families. Alas, their inability to speak, combined with human indifference, sometimes leads to bad situations.

It is good that there are voluntary organizations involved in the protection of animals.

Maddy lived for about 12 years with people who became her family. The dog was feeling happy. In 2017, Maddie’s family had to move to the suburbs of Houston.

After being moved, the animal was lost. After three long years, the old dog returned home to his beloved family. Hurricane Harvey caused the dog to lose his last hope of finding a friend.

Maddie had a microchip with key data, but they couldn’t update it. The last hope was the Lost Dogs of Texas Facebook page. When one of the volunteers found the little refugee in early 2021, the data was found.
The chip turned out not to work,

but comparing them to the information on the website paid off. Thanks to a special program, the family was found literally in one day. They hadn’t forgotten Maddie, hadn’t replaced her with other pets.

Moreover They did not stop searching. When the fluffy one returned, they immediately surrounded him with warmth and care. It was as if there was no separation between them. There was such a warm atmosphere

that everyone understood that they had not forgotten and were waiting. No one wants to lose loved ones, but it is this experience that allows you to feel the value of relationships.