This crocodile has 10,000 cubs

This crocodile lives in its cage with six females and has given birth to more than 10,000 cubs in the last 32 years.

Crocworld Conservation Center celebrated the 121st birthday of its oldest resident, Henry the Nile crocodile,

with special birthday meals, talks and, of course, the quintessential part of birthdays, a cake for guests.

Henry is the oldest and most famous caged crocodile, weighing approximately 500 kg and measuring almost 5 meters in length.

Henry was transferred to Crocworld in 1985 as an adult crocodile,

with records stating he was 85 years old.

The Crocworld Conservation Center in Scottburgh promises festivities this festive season, even promising a snake show,

crocodile feeding and of course other surprises such as woodland walks, vulture feeding and more.