This cute seal had a wonderful surprise on his 31st birthday when he was given a huge cake made of ice and fish. He really enjoyed it!

Once upon a time, in the icy waters of the Arctic, there lived a cute little seal named Sammy. Sammy was loved by all the other animals in the Arctic, as he was always friendly and playful.

One day, Sammy woke up to a beautiful sunny day, and he realized that it was his 31st birthday. Sammy was excited, and he swam around, singing happy birthday to himself. He wondered if anyone would remember his special day.

As Sammy was swimming around, he saw a group of humans approaching him. Sammy had never seen humans before, and he was a bit scared at first. But then, he saw that they were carrying something big and round towards him. It was a huge cake made of ice and fish, decorated with seaweed and shells.

Sammy couldn’t believe his eyes! He had never seen such a beautiful cake before, and he knew that it was meant for him. The humans placed the cake on an ice floe, and Sammy quickly swam towards it. He started eating the cake, and he realized that it was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted.

Sammy’s friends, the polar bears, walruses, and penguins, had also come to celebrate his birthday. They sang happy birthday to him and watched as Sammy enjoyed his cake. The humans had even brought some gifts for Sammy, including a new ball and some shiny stones.

Sammy felt loved and appreciated, and he knew that he had the best friends in the world. He swam around, playing with his ball and sharing his cake with his friends. They all had a great time, and Sammy realized that he had the best birthday ever.

As the sun started to set, the humans said their goodbyes and left Sammy and his friends to continue their celebration. Sammy felt happy and content, knowing that he had a wonderful surprise on his 31st birthday. He would never forget this special day, and he knew that his friends would always be there to make him feel loved and appreciated.