This narrative tells the tale of a dog named Angel who was extremely hungry and very close to dying. Luckily, she was rescued at the last moment.

Angel was a little brown dog with big, pleading eyes. She had been wandering around the streets for days, searching for food and water. Her bones were jutting out from under her fur, and her stomach growled constantly. She had lost all hope and was on the brink of death.

One day, as Angel was weakly dragging herself along the pavement, a kind-hearted woman spotted her. She took pity on the dog and immediately knew she had to help. She approached Angel slowly, speaking to her softly to let her know she meant no harm. Angel was too exhausted to run away, so she just lay there, trembling.

The woman scooped Angel up in her arms and carried her to her car. She drove her to the local animal shelter, where the vet examined her. Angel was severely malnourished and dehydrated, but with a little love and care, she could recover.

The woman who had rescued Angel knew she couldn’t just leave her there. She decided to adopt her and take her home with her. She named her Angel because she felt she had been sent to her by some divine intervention.

Angel was initially scared and shy, but she soon warmed up to her new owner. She was given a warm bed to sleep in, plenty of food and water, and lots of love and attention. Slowly but surely, Angel began to regain her strength and energy. Her coat became shiny and soft, and she started wagging her tail again.

Angel was no longer the sad, lonely dog wandering the streets, desperately searching for food. She had a new family, a new home, and a new lease on life. She had been rescued at the last moment, just in time to save her from certain death. From that day on, Angel was a happy, healthy dog who never had to worry about going hungry again.