Unusual sight: the donkey gave birth to unusual twins (Video)

The birth of a child has always been an amazing phenomenon. And if the one giving birth is an animal, then the excitement is doubled when watching this event.

Foals are born from donkeys, this is considered a normal occurrence. However, despite this, it is rare to see how a donkey gives birth to twins.

Recently, an Oklahoma donkey made headlines in newspapers, magazines and magazines because she gave birth to twins. One of the two cubs was a boy, the other a girl. According to the study, only 1.5% of donkeys give birth to twin foals.The cubs were named Steve and Betsy.

The kind-hearted daughter of the farm owner, named Elena, helped the mother of the kittens, Belle, take care of the twins. Bella’s real owner was Sandra Traywick. The cubs were so small that they had trouble drinking their mother Belle’s milk. Fortunately, Saundra was always happy to help the foals.

Saundra said that it was really hard for the foals to survive, so they had to be able to eat properly. Unfortunately, Saundra was dragging one of the young donkeys through the grassy area and just then slipped in a hole and injured her ankle.

Ignoring her injured leg, she continues to care for the foals. Meanwhile, Wendy, another donkey owned by Saundra, gives birth to Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell underwent umbilical cord surgery shortly after birth, so her mother and daughter were

present at OSU.As a result of the internal tear of the umbilical cord, urine flowed into the abdomen. Realizing that the fence of his farm has dangerous parts, he decided to move Bella and her cubs to another part of the farm. There was an

earlier incident when a donkey got tangled in a net and got stuck in a fence. Since the electrification of the wall could kill the farm animals, Saundra chose to consider this and avoid such an ending.

Even now that Betsy is a little older, she has trouble lifting her mouth and drinking her mother’s milk. So Saundra wondered if she could make it if she raised her head too high like a giraffe. She hoped she wouldn’t have to bottle-feed

the twin foals if they could drink milk on their own. Elena made many unsuccessful attempts, but Betsy could not drink her mother’s milk.