What this scavenger is doing is real heroism

The Metropolitan Michigan Society for Human Rights reports that a Granger waste disposal worker was on the job early on the morning of July 19. As he started driving, he realized there was someone in his truck.

He found a little white puppy in the truck. How the dog got there was a mystery. given the fact that the route went through trash cans, it’s understandable that the dog was in a lot of trouble before the employee found him.

The Metropolitan Humane Society reports that it is almost impossible for a dog to be in pain. Even though it could be a pain in the back when moving from the garbage can to the garbage truck. more likely to have suffered on the way, then during the unloading process.

The dog would suffer more if the worker did not see it. He could end up at the garbage collection plant. The dog definitely could have met a terrible fate if this employee hadn’t seen it.

Happily for all of us, the dog is now in stable condition and the Ingham County Animal Control Office is looking into how the dog got there. The Metropolitan Animal Welfare Society says the dog will not be put up for adoption and will remain in care.

However, many questions remain unanswered as to how the dog got there. But one thing can be sure that the truck driver is a real hero. This garbage truck driver totally deserves our praise for finding that dog and saving his life. We hope the dog finds a comfortable home soon.
The real heroes are among us, we need to notice them.